Even the best veterinary dental equipment requires some knowledge to use effectively. Dentalaire is pleased to recommend the veterinary dental training classes presented by Dr. Tony M. Woodward DVM, AVDC. Dr. Woodward is board certified in veterinary dentistry, and has trained hundreds of doctors and technicians in practical veterinary dental techniques. His experience in starting multiple veterinary practices makes him uniquely qualified to teach those techniques most useful for small animal practitioners. His facility is located one hour south of Denver, in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado.

High instructor to student ratios and excellent Dentalaire equipment ensure a quality training experience for all participants. In just two days, you can learn all of the techniques needed to deliver 90% of all the dental problems encountered in small animal practice. Eight CE credits are available for each day. Classes are a combination of lecture and wet lab, and include handouts, breakfast, lunch, lab materials, individual specimens, and complimentary instrument sets. These two classes cover the skills required to deliver 90% of the dental care required in small animal practice.

For more information and class availability, contact Animal Dental Care at: (719) 536-9949

Course Content

Level I

Level I is for both technicians and doctors, is limited to 14 participants, and covers dental cleaning, oral pathology, instrumentation, equipment, dental radiology, and digital dental radiography systems. This class will give you the skills required to provide a good cleaning procedure and identify oral pathology. The wet lab portion focuses on obtaining diagnostic dental radiographs.

Level II

Level II is for doctors only, is limited to seven participants, and covers surgical extraction technique, introduction to periodontal surgery, oronasal fistula repair, and bonded sealants for fractured teeth. Three instructors for seven participants ensure a high level of individual attention.