Q. How long does it take to get an x-ray film developed?
A. It takes about 5-6 minutes from start to finish. It is temperature dependent. Rule of thumb is the colder your developer and fixer are, the longer it will take to get the x-rays developed.

Q. What are the steps needed to develop an x-ray film?
A. Take the x-ray using the bisecting 45 degree angle, making sure the the white side of the x-ray film is facing the tubehead. If you are using the Corix PRO 70, please utilize the technique chart which was provided so you can set the proper exposure time. Take your x-ray.

B. Next, take the film to the chairside darkroom, DO NOT OPEN THE FILM, until you are on the inside of the darkroom. Carefully peel the cover off of the film. Snap on the Film Clip to a corner of the film, then proceed to dip the film in the DEVELOPER. Mix it around in there for 8 -12 seconds . This time can vary a bit. Then dip it in the water, proceeding to the fixer. You keep it in the FIXER for 3 – 5 minutes. You can peak at it after a minute or so, then leave it for at least 3-5 minutes. Then rinse again in the water, keep the film attached to the FILM CLIP, and then hang the x-ray film on the side of the Dixie Cup to dry. These times can vary per clinic.

Q. How often do I need to change the developer and fixer?
A. It depends on how many films you take per week/month. If the developer starts turning dark that usually means it is time to change both DEVELOPER and FIXER. Most clinics have to change their chemicals weekly.

Q. What do I need to buy along with the Chairside Darkroom?
A. 3 DTP10460 (sets of 3) X-Ray Film Clips, set of 3. The Chairside Darkroom comes with just one set of three. Having at least 12 total is very useful.
B. DTP10439 Sz. 0 X-Ray Film (box – 100) Kodak
DTP10441 Sz. 2 X-Ray Film (box – 150) Kodak
DTP10440 Sz. 2 X-Ray Film (box – 100) Wolf
DTP10455 Sz. 4 X-Ray Film (box – 25 ) Kodak
C. DTP10485 (Set of 2) X-Ray Developer and Fixer