Q. Where is the Corix PRO 70 manufactured?
A. Italian technology assembled in Mexico.

Q. Who makes the Corix PRO 70?
A. Corix Medical Systems: a manufacturer of dental equipment for over 30 years. A major player in the dental field, making inroads into the veterinary field with the help of Dentalaire. Please note that human products are controlled by the FDA, while the veterinary products are not. Yet these products are fabricated under the same standards.

Q. Which mounting mode is available?
A. The Corix PRO 70 is available in a Wall Mounted or a Mobile Stand. We are considering a small portable system as well. We think it may be of value to veterinarians that do house calls.

Q. What type of reach is possible with the Wall Mounted Corix PRO 70 Dental X-ray?
A. The useable reach is the distance from the fixed point, such as the wall location to where the tubehead will be aimed (the end of the collimator). This depends on the arm length. Please refer to question number 5.

Q. How many lengths of arms are available?
A. There are 3 arm lengths available :
The Standard Extension Arm: 71 1/8″ (Total inside reach). This comes standard.
The Long Extension Arm: 75″(Total inside reach). Free option
The Short Extension Arm: 53 3/8″ (Total inside reach). Free option
(Please make sure of which extension arm you want when you order any Wall Mounted System)

Q. Can the Corix PRO 70 Dental X-ray be used with any speed of film?
A. Yes, with D, E, and Insight Films (F Speed Film). The Corix PRO 70 comes from the factory calibrated at “E” Speed.

Q. Can the Corix be used with digital sensors?
A. Yes it comes prepared to work with digital sensors. A hidden microswitch in the handpiece will activate the unit for use with digital sensors. The switch reduces the time setting to useable levels, not to flood the detectors. Any type of sensor can be used.

Q. What is the warranty on the Corix?
A. This has a one year warranty on parts. No service warranty is expressed or implied.

Q. Who can provide service and parts?
A. Please call Chicago X-ray at: (800) 870-2792 or Dentalaire at: (800) 866-6881.

Q. Is the Corix safe to use?
A. Yes it is. It is manufactured under the same conditions and requirements set forth for human use by the FDA quality control regulations. The factory is regularly inspected by the FDA. The Corix must be used only for its intended use and care should be taken to protect the operator and animals.

Q. How long can I expect the Corix to last?
A. It should last a minimum of 10 years depending on use.

Q. What kind of maintenance does the Corix take or require?
A. Only a visual inspection is necessary. There is no need to touch the electronics. Please be careful not to drop the handpiece. The cords can be easily replaced.

Q. Will my warranty be voided if I install the Corix myself?
A. No it will not. If you do not want to install it, we can provide you with some companies that can easily install it for a nominal fee. (Usually for around $150.00 – $500.00). $250.00 is usually the average price for an installation of any dental x-ray.

Q. Is the Corix hard to assemble?
A. No it is not. It comes with easy to understand instructions.

Q. Does the Corix come with a Technique Chart?
A. Yes , the Technique Chart was designed by Dr.Tony Woodward (DVM / AVDC) from Colorado Springs,CO.

Q. What is the diameter and length of the cone on the 70 KVp Tubehead?
A. Diameter – Less than 7cm, Length – 8 inches in length

Q. Do I pay for the shipping charges to get my Corix (Wall Mount or Mobile)?
A. Yes you do, the shipment will usually come from Dentalaire in Irvine,CA and shipping charges can vary. Usually from $80.00 – $250.00, depending on the weight and if it is going to a very rural part of the country.