Q. How much horsepower do I need to run a Dentalaire unit?
A. 1/2 horsepower per dental station, which will run the high-speed handpieces and low-speed handpieces for hours of non-stop dental procedures.

Q. Do the dental stations come with high-speed and low-speed handpieces?
A. Yes, and we also include the following start-up supplies with all of our dental stations: polishing, bur pack, and a handpiece lubricant.

Q. Can Dentalaire customize a dental station to my certain needs or specifications?
A. Yes, we can. For example, we can add suction, a one horsepower motor, fiber optics in the high-speed handpiece, ultrasonic scaling units, or almost anything else you desire. Since we are the manufacturer, we are happy to customize your unit to your specifications.

Q. What are the advantages of the Dentalaire compressor?
A. Dentalaire compressors are extremely quiet, odorless and are legendary for their workhorse construction.

Q. What is the warranty on the Dentalaire dental station?
A. They come with a one or two-year warranty depending on the model. The only exception is the Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler, which comes with a one-year warranty.

Q. Is Air Scaling the same as Piezo Ultrasonic Scaling?
A. No it is not. Air Scaling is “sonic” scaling rather than “ultrasonic”, operating at approximately 6,000 cycles per second. Ultrasonic (piezo and cavitron type units) scalers operate at up to 35,000 cycles per second. Overall, the ultrasonic scalers are quieter, with fewer scratches at tooth surface.

Q. What happens to me if my Dentalaire dental station breaks down 6 months after my warranty has expired?
A. Please call us at (800) 866-6881. Your satisfaction is our main goal. Many times we can troubleshoot over the phone to solve the problem.

Q. What needs to be done to keep the Dentalaire Dental Station running smoothly?
A. Always lubricate high-speed handpieces and low-speed handpieces. Check instructions for lubricating low-speed handpieces. Some low-speed handpieces do not need lubrication. If in doubt, always contact Dentalaire Technical Support.
B. Use only distilled water in dental station to prevent build up in the lines and handpieces.
C. Follow compressor maintenance chart. This takes only one minute per day.
D. Make sure oil level is visible in the glass eye (at least halfway up) on the back side of the compressor.

Q. What options do clinics usually add to their dental unit?
A. Fiber-Optic Illumination in High-Speed Handpiece or Piezo LED. This feature greatly improves visibility.
C. Adding a Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler to any two handpiece unit
D. Standard straight tubing or curled tubing that stretches.

Q. Does Dentalaire repair other companies’ equipment and handpieces?
A. Yes we do.

Q. Can I use other companies’ handpieces in my new Dentalaire station?
A. Yes in most cases, any standard “four-hole” handpiece will work with your Dentalaire station.

Q. My bur got stuck in my high-speed handpiece. How can that happen?
A. By not putting the bur all the way in. This can cause small nicks in the shaft of the bur, causing it to become stuck. The tolerances for the shaft of the burs are very minimal, and even microscopic nicks in the shafts will not allow the burs to slide freely.

Q. How long does the light stay on in the high-speed fiberoptic handpiece?
A. About 12 seconds after stopping the handpiece.