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Dentalaire Diplomate Bur Kit

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Mouth Prop & Sensor Boot

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Dentalaire DC Dental X-Ray Generator

The Dentalaire DC Dental X-Ray Generator stands out from the competition, thanks to the full-size LCD display, large easy to distinguish buttons and ergonomic modern design.

You can select the kV and time settings of your choice or choose from the pre-programmed techniques.

The positioning arm is constructed entirely of aluminum using the highest international grade tolerances, frictionless joints and a precision braking system to ensure the tube rests where you place it.

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Dentalaire Wireless Portable X-Ray

Handy and Powerful – Excellent Image – Ergonomic Design

Total weight 4.4 pounds, 2 mA X-ray Tube Current

  • Simple operation
  • Wide graphic LCD
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Integrated battery
  • High frequency transformer
  • 0.4 mm focal spot
  • Highest image quality and lowest patient dosage
  • High quality neck strap
  • Zero radiation leakage
  • Optimized for both analog film and digital sensor

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Dentalaire SimpliScale™ Periodontal Therapy Kit

The Dentalaire SimpliScale™ Periodontal Therapy Kit features groundbreaking instrument design that provides all the instruments needed for cleaning and treatment of periodontal pockets, using six instruments instead of nine ordinary instruments. These six instruments plus the probe/explorer in the kit are all that is needed to deliver complete periodontal therapy for canine and feline patients. Each universal Gracey instrument replaces two standard Gracey instruments.

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Dentalaire Swivel High Speed Handpiece

swivel high speed handpiece

Experience 360° rotation with the new Dentalaire Swivel High Speed Handpiece, in both fiber optic and non fiber optic. 360° rotation reduces wrist fatigue resulting in much more control.

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