Choose Dentalaire for your veterinary dental product & equipment needs.

Dentalaire was founded in 1988 by John Voskuhl.

Dentalaire’s business has evolved over the years, we market strictly to veterinarians from USA, Canada, and all across the world. Our vast product line enables our customers to meet nearly all of their needs with one source. Our product line includes compressors, dental stations, handpieces, instruments, dental x-ray systems, digital dental systems, restorative and endodontic products and more. We are also proud to assist in continuing veterinary education by sponsoring various wet labs and educational events throughout the year.

Dentalaire is owned by 3 business partners with different experiences in the veterinary market:

Kurt Lieber, CEO / CFO of Dentalaire also owns and operates Werther International, Houston TX. He is the main supplier of air powered compressors used in Dentalaire air powered models. His vast business experience anchors Dentalaire while providing superior compressors for all of our dental stations.

Ron Anderson, President has been employed by Dentalaire for many years and became part owner of the company in 2001. Ron’s vast experience in management, operations, manufacturing and sales to the veterinarian and distribution companies are invaluable.

Tim Martelon, Director of Business Development has been employed by Dentalaire since 2012 and became part owner in 2015. Tim’s vast experience in technology brought Dentalaire the best Dental Digital System in the industry. Tim also brings value with new business improvement strategies daily.

The majority of our employees have been with us 10+ years. This long term experience and loyalty assures excellent customer service, service and manufacturing skills.

Dentalaire’s vision is to be the preeminent dental supplier in the veterinary market. By offering new and innovative products and partnering with key dental professionals across the country, we are quickly nearing this goal.


Dr Brook Niemiec at the Santa Barbara Zoo with Dentalaire Prestige. Dentalaire products are gorilla-proof!

Dr. Brook Niemiec at the Santa Barbara Zoo with Dentalaire Prestige. Dentalaire products are gorilla-proof!

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