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Curettes are used in veterinary dentistry to remove subgingival calculus, root planing and for curettage. They have one blade with two cutting edges. Both cutting edges may be used on the front and back of the tooth.

Periodontal probes and explorers are detection instruments. The probe is used for measuring the depth of the animal’s periodontal pockets. The explorer is used to detect calculus.

Veterinary dental scalers are used to remove dental deposits from tooth surfaces above the gumline.

Gracey curettes for veterinary dentistry have only one cutting edge which is designed for deep subgingival calculus, root planing and for curettage of the periodontal pocket.

DTP11278 – Tartar SickleChisel (Gold)


DTP11271 – Jacquette Feline Scaler 12 (Black)


DTP11225 – Gracey 56 Curette

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