Repairing fractured teeth has never been easier thanks to Dentalaire’s restorative products for veterinary dentistry. We know that your veterinary dental practice needs restorative equipment that works fast, is easy to use and will be safe for the animals you treat. We have a wide range of products to suit any need when it comes to restorative work for small animals, including:

  • Bonded sealant kit for easy exposed vital dentin and bonding composite restorations.
  • Polishing systems for easy, fast and safe contouring, finishing and polishing of all micro filled and hybrid composites.
  • Veterinary dentistry curing lights that increase animal safety and comfort during the curing process.
  • Adhesives and etching syringes to meet any veterinary dental need.
  • Durable composites, including self-curing composites.
  • Brush tips, brush handles, mixing wells, mixing pads, liners and applicators for any veterinary dental practice.

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