Dentalaire makes veterinary dentistry work easier with our ultrasonic scalers and micromotors. Here are some of our more popular ultrasonic scalers and micromotors for small animal dentistry:

Scalex 880 Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler


  • Self-tuning and load adjusting for maximum smooth operation
  • Extremely gentle on patients
  • Runs cool and quietly
  • Compact size with slim lightweight handpiece
  • Includes three autoclavable tips, two universal and one flat

Scalex Self-contained Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler

Scalex Self Contained Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler

  • Self-contained solution tank allows for convenient portability
  • One touch selection between tank and external water source
  • State of the art Piezoelectric self-tuning and load adjusting technology for smooth and effortless operation
  • Innovative water-cooled circuitry designed for greater stability during operation

Rotex 780 Micro Motor


  • 30,000 RPM slow speed handpiece
  • Prophy angle with prophy paste and cups
  • Contra Angles with cutting burs
  • Variable speed foot control

Cocoon Scaler Polisher Combo With Spray


DTP24484V Cocoon Spray

  • Exclusive Satelec technology ensures rapidity, control and greater working comfort
  • Self-regulated frequency from 27KHz to 32 KHz and automatically controlled power
  • Self-regulated speed of 40,000 RPM, compatible with diamond-tipped or tungsten carbide burs
  • Spray cooling removes debris and avoids tissue necrosis
  • Intramatic coupling of micro-motor compatible with most E-type rotary instruments
  • Download the Cocoon brochure.

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