Client Testimonials

Dr. Matthew Wheaton

Chief of Staff

"Proud to say that we’ve been using Dentalaire equipment since back in 2000. We have all the instruments, and two different dental machines, and all their x-ray equipment."

Dr. Robert Furman

Board Certified Veterinary Dentist

"20 years I’ve been using Dentalaire Products. I’ve used it (Dentalaire Prestige) to do a lot of exotics as well. I’ve worked on bears, tigers, lions, gorillas, sea otters, sea lions … Very reliable. Very easy to set up."

Josh Lanting

Hospital Administrator

"We’ve been working with Dentalaire for 15 years. We utilize two of their machines, The Ultimate and The Prestige … The machines are excellent. They are very easy to maintain. And if there is ever any sort of issue what so ever, they are right on it! Their wealth of knowledge as far as the technicians is amazing."

Dr. Eric Van Nice

Veterinary Dental Specialist

"We’ve been here about 17 years now. When we first moved in, we got a Dentalaire delivery system … it’s lasted us the whole time. We run it all day, every day."


Dr. Anson Tsugawa

Veterinary Dentist

"My experience with Dentalaire dates back at least 10 years ago. The service, the quality ... it’s been stellar from the start. A lot of the stuff we want has been custom."

Dr. Jan Bellows

Board Certified Veterinary Dentist

"The equipment is top notch as is the support."

Dr. Larry Kimberlin

Veterinary Dentist

"For 15 years, working with their products is of high quality and value. The company has helped an untold number of veterinarians, students, and veterinary dentists with education and personalized customer service. Dentalaire's philanthropic attitude has positively influenced Veterinary Dentistry and helped many animals avoid suffering from dental disease."