Contains color coded scalers and curettes that simplify and speed the scaling process.

Contains color coded scalers and curettes that simplify and speed the scaling process.

The Dentalaire SimpliScale™ Periodontal Therapy Kit features groundbreaking instrument design that provides all the instruments needed for cleaning and treatment of periodontal pockets, using six instruments instead of nine ordinary instruments. These six instruments plus the probe/explorer in the kit are all that is needed to deliver complete periodontal therapy for canine and feline patients. Each universal Gracey instrument replaces two standard Gracey instruments.

Download detailed instructions for the SimpliScale Periodontal Therapy Kit

Included in the SimpliScale Periodontal Therapy Kit:

  1. SimpliScale Probe/Explorer (Blue)
  2. SimpliScale Universal Gracey Petite (Green)
  3. SimpliScale Universal Gracey Anterior (Green)
  4. SimpliScale Universal Gracey (Green)
  5. SimpliScale Scaler Posterior Petite (Red)
  6. SimpliScale Scaler Anterior (Red)
  7. SimpliScale Scaler Posterior (Red)
  8. SimpliScale Cassette

Features of the SimpliScale Periodontal Therapy Kit:

  • Ergonomic non-slip grip
  • Superior tactile sensitivity
  • Extremely wear resistant DuraGradeMax steel with light weight special alloy core
  • Exclusive universal curette design
  • Highest grade steel
  • Autoclavable instruments and cassette
  • Non-fade instrument colors
  • Color-coded handles

Benefits of the SimpliScale Periodontal Therapy Kit:

  • Reduces finger fatigue
  • Allows precise treatment
  • Extends instrument life and decreases weight
  • Three universal curettes replace six normal curettes
  • Extends the time between sharpening
  • Improved patient safety
  • Instruments look new for years
  • Serve as guide for correct and safe use

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