Introduction to Veterinary Dental Radiology

Download as PDF Why bother with veterinary dental radiographs? Veterinary dentistry is currently undergoing tremendous modernization. The days of having a technician clean tartar visible above the gum line, and “pull the loose teeth” are gone. Practice standards dictate a higher level of oral care for our patients, and dental radiology is a vital part of those standards. In fact, it is not … Read More

The Rationale for Veterinary Dental Radiology

Download as PDF By Tony M. Woodward, DVM, AVDC We continue in this article describing the five basic dental services that all general practitioners should be able to provide for their patients. In the last article we covered the 12-step cleaning process. This article covers dental radiology. Dental radiology is the core diagnostic modality for veterinary dental care. Trying to … Read More

Basic Periodontal Treatment in Dogs and Cats

Download as PDF By Tony M. Woodward, DVM, AVDC Periodontal disease results from the action of oral bacteria in concert with the host response to that infection. Both are thought to contribute substantially to the creation of periodontal pockets, which are defined as pockets deeper than 1 mm in a cat or 3 mm in a dog. Pocket depth is measured by gently … Read More

Your Step-by-Step Marketing Plan for Dentistry

Download as PDF By Tony Woodward, DVM, AVSC You can maximize the potential of dentistry in your veterinary practice by educating your staff and recognizing and treating problems that are often missed. As 50% of your patients may be in need of some level of dental care, there are many opportunities to deliver the best care and build client loyalty to your practice. … Read More

Blowing the Top Off of Your Veterinary Dental Dept!

A Guide for the General Veterinary Practitioner Download as PDF By Tony M. Woodward, DVM, AVD There exists today a tremendous opportunity for improving the level of veterinary dental care delivered by the average practice. Integrating a higher level of veterinary dental care into a general practice takes time and a level of commitment from the owner(s) of the practice, but the … Read More

What Dental Services Do You Need To Provide?

Download as PDF By Tony M. Woodward, DVM, AVDC Previous articles have presented the rationale for expanding your veterinary dental services and presented a specific marketing plan you can use to implement a higher level of dentistry in your practice. In this article, we will begin to cover the specific veterinary dentistry services you need to provide. There are a few basic dental … Read More

Realizing the Potential for Dental Care

Download as PDF By Tony M. Woodward, DVM, AVDC In my experience, there are several areas that must be addressed in order to achieve the potential for delivery of dental care in a general practice. These include defining your dental message, education of staff, consistent delivery of your educational message to clients, “low impact” anesthesia, the ability to proactively diagnose dental disease, the … Read More

Simplified Positioning for Dental Radiology

Download as PDF Dental Radiology “CHEAT SHEET” Area imaged General Technique and Tips Lower PM and M Place film in vestibule between the tongue and teeth. The beam is angled perpendicular to film. This is the only “parallel technique”. Lower incisors +/- Canine Start by aiming beam on ventral midline perpendicular to the film. Then tip the tube head forward … Read More