How to Set Up and Maintain Dentalaire Prestige Equipment

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  1. This was an amazing video. Thank you. Just set up our new Dentalaire prestige machine. However, what is the best way to shut down my machine? It makes air hissing noise. Is that normal? Love the telescoping handle on this unit! WOW! Pleae tell me the psi and what all the gauges should read or not go above, etc. anything that I might need to know. Also, the last part of the video- the purging of the drain tank and the moisture trap- I don’t remember this from my last machine at the my last clinic. Is this necessary with my machine? I just found the purge valve and got it to go to zero. Is this still necessary every day? How do I get to the moisture trap on my machine? Mine is oil-less- so no need to check for oil anywhere I guess or change it yearly. Thank you! Dr. Weeks – Maui Lani Veterinary Hospital 808-446-5843

  2. Autoclave at 275°F for no longer than 15 minutes does this mean 15minutes for the sterilized time or 15minutes total in the autoclave. Our autoclave in the office that we use for surgery pack and single instruments setting is 7minutes for sterilized time and 30minutes for dry time. I just wanted to see if the instrument from the dental machine is able to go into this setting with dry time or no dry time. Thank you!

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